Interacting with computers


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ISSN: 1873-7951

Type of work: Journal


Information Society


Interacting with Computers is the interdisciplinary journal of Human-Computer Interaction. First published in 1989 to provide access to the results of research in the field, it breaks down barriers by actively fostering communication between academic researchers and practitioners to encourage the flow of information across the boundaries of its contributing disciplines. This highly-rated journal is recognised as a leading international forum for the discussion of HCI issues - a catalyst for novel and inspired thinking, which demands of its readers a forward-looking perspective.

Topics covered include: HCI and design theory; new research paradigms; interaction process and methodology; user interface, usability and UX design; development tools and techniques; empirical evaluations and assessment strategies; new and emerging technologies; ubiquitous, ambient and mobile interaction; accessibility, user modelling and intelligent systems; organisational and societal issues.