What is open and collaborative science and what roles could it play in development?


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This chapter provides the contexts and rationale for the development of the Open and Collaborative Science in Development Network (OCSDNet), a three-year research and practice project co-funded by the International Development Research Centre in Canada and the Department of International Development, UK. Launched in July 2014, the network is jointly coordinated by iHub - Nairobi’s Innovation Hub based in Nairobi, Kenya, and the Centre for Critical Development Studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough, Canada, while supported by an international team of expert advisors who are well-known practitioners of open science and policy researchers. This chapter further describes the organizational framework of the OCSDNet and how it intends to mobilize and support researchers and practitioners from the Global South through a multi-stage network-building process to support the overarching goal of the project, which is to investigate whether, and the conditions under which, a set of open research practices could lead to new thinking and practices about development and their outcomes.