Growing a digital social innovation ecosystem for Europe


Work data:

ISBN: 978-92-79-45603-9

Type of work: Report




ecosystems, social innovation


The DSI study seeks to define and understand the potential of DSI, to map the digital social innovators, their projects and networks, and to develop recommendations for how policymakers, from the EU to city level, can make the most of DSI.

Key Findings:

  • The report identifies more than 1,000 rising examples of digital social innovation organisations across Europe, and the hidden links among them.
  • Social innovation in Europe is currently done by a few large organisations alongside a large mass of smaller organisations, but the majority of social innovators in Europe are disconnected from the bigger networks
  • The largest and more interconnected community is focused around open hardware and open networks, and there is a large focus on awareness networks and new ways of making.
  • The open knowledge cluster is the second largest, with a focus on collaborative economy.
  • The third largest network is grouped around Nesta and is focussed on funding, acceleration and open democracy. Other communities, such as those grouped around open data are developing connected communities.