Global Impact Study venue survey instrument


Technology & Social Change Group (2010). Global Impact Study venue survey instrument. Seattle: Technology & Social Change Group, University of Washington Information School. Retrieved November 02, 2010 from

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Type of work: Dataset, Data Memo




This survey of public access venue operators was designed to capture types of services public access venues offer, cost of service provision, perceptions on impact, users, usage patterns, and perceptions of impact. The survey is divided into ten sections: 1) About the venue, 2) About the venue layout, 3) Venue infrastructure, 4) Financing and costs, 5) Staffing, 6) Services, 7) Traffic and usage, 8) Changes at the venue, 9) Venue impacts, and 10) Demographics. The survey was implemented in 2010 and 2011 in Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, Ghana, and the Philippines.