A corresponding fields model of digital inclusion


Helsper, E.J. (2012). “A corresponding fields model of digital inclusion”. In Communication Theory, 22 (4), 403-426. Indianapolis: Wiley Periodicals.

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Type of work: Article (academic)


Digital Inclusion


The notion of digital exclusion has become important in communications research but remains under-theorized. This article proposes a theoretical model that hypothesizes how specific areas of digital and social exclusion influence each other. In this corresponding fields model it is argued that they relate mostly for similar (economic, cultural, social and personal) fields of resources. The model further proposes that the influence of offline exclusion fields on digital exclusion fields is mediated by access, skills and attitudinal or motivational aspects. On the other hand, the relevance, quality, ownership and sustainability of engagement with different digital resources is said to mediate the influence of engagement on offline exclusion. Research supporting this model and possible operationalizations in empirical research and interventions are presented.