The Impact of ICT on Education: the Lacking Discourse


Aviram, R. & Tami, D. (2001). The Impact of ICT on Education: the Lacking Discourse. Conference at the simposium Social geographies of educational change: Contexts, Networks and Generalizability. Barcelona, 11-14 march 2001. Retrieved March 02, 2012 from

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Thus, the aims of this paper are:
1. To distinguish between the various views on ICT and education stemming from different approaches and portraying different attitudes;
2. To argue for the epistemic possibility of rational discourse among them (or- at least most or some of them);
3. Assuming a possibility of such a discourse, to demarcate the boundaries of the necessary rational discourse within a view which is rarely reflected in practice or in writing - a view based on the combination of the cultural-ideological approaches and the radical attitude (terms to be explained in the first section below).