Opportunity for All: How Library Policies and Practices Impact Public Internet Access


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Digital Inclusion | ICT Infrastructure


“This study identifies important best practices that can help libraries improve patron experience and contribute to positive learning outcomes,” said IMLS Director Susan Hildreth. “This report will be very useful for educating the public and provides actionable recommendations for policymakers and funders as they consider future efforts in this area.”

Specific recommendations highlight the need to:

  • Integrate technology services with other public library services
  • Incorporate activity-based budgeting to help account for the cost of public access services
  • Provide ongoing technical training for library staff
  • Formalize relationships with community-based organizations
  • Establish a set of common indicators for public library technology services
  • Use data and stories to communicate the value of public access technology
  • Leverage library technology resources to enhance broadband adoption and support


More information at U.S. IMPACT Study releases second report.

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