Social Impact of ICT


Universität Siegen (2010). Social Impact of ICT. Final Report D7.1 of the Study on the Social Impact of ICT. Siegen: Universität Siegen. Retrieved May 22, 2010 from

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Information Society


This document presents a summary of the main research findings from the ‘Social Impacts of ICT’ project. It starts with an overall description of the study objectives and approach, followed by a presentation of key results from the seven domains selected for analysis: participation in policy-making; education and lifelong learning; work; consumption; health; community and family; and creation and distributed innovation. A separate section looks into the main differences between developments in Europe and selected non-European countries, including the US, Japan and Korea. The report concludes with some generalizations and recommendations.


Full report can be downloaded here (PDF file, 5.53MB).