e-Commerce And Development Report 2002


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E-commerce is one of the most visible examples of the way in which information and communication technologies (ICT) can contribute to economic growth. It helps countries improve trade efficiency and facilitates the integration of developing countries into the global economy. It allows businesses and entrepreneurs to become more competitive. And it provides jobs, thereby creating wealth.

The E-Commerce and Development Report 2002 provides factual information and analysis covering a range of topics that will influence the expansion of e-commerce in developing countries. The Report also identifies the policy and business options available to developing countries, and makes practical proposals for maximizing the contribution of e-commerce to economic and social development.

Governments, civil society, private sector businesses have a vital stake in fostering digital opportunity and putting ICT at the service of development. With the digital divide is as wide as ever this report contributes to the efforts of the international community to seize the extraordinary opportunities of the digital revolution.