Searching the Internet


Work data:

Type of work: Learning Material


Digital Literacy | ICT4D


Developed by: Anna Feldman for the Association for Progressive Communications (APC)

Unit overview: This unit takes participants through the process of understanding the priorities involved in finding information successfully on the Internet.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Target audience: People from telecentres/CSO/development sectors who need to develop their information-gathering skills. People who have been frustrated by previous attempts to locate useful information on the Internet.

Prerequisite skills: Keyboard and mouse skills, familiarity with Windows and an Internet browser. Some familiarity with Internet browsing.


Contents of the RAR file:

  • Notes for trainers (MS Word)
  • Handout (MS Word)
  • PowerPoint presentation (MS PowerPoint)
  • Glossary (MS Word)
  • Exercises (MS Word)
  • Examples handout (MS Word)
  • List of additional resources (MS Word)
  • Workshop evaluation form (for trainees) (MS Word)
  • Materials evaluation form (for trainers) (MS Word)
  • Copyright statement (MS Word)

Original Source: ITrainOnline Multimedia Training Kit