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Ismael Peña-López

I am Ismael Peña-López.

I am professor at the School of Law and Political Science of the Open University of Catalonia, and researcher at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute and the eLearn Center of that university. During 2014 I am also the director of the Open Innovation project at Fundació Jaume Bofill.

My main research interests are the impact of ICTs in society (e-Readiness, the digital divide), especially in development (e-inclusion, ICT4D), and educational (e-Learning, digital competence) and political (e-participation, e-democracy) institutions.

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Open social learning: let me out, let them in

Image from the Portal videogame
Image from the Portal videogame.

When we usually speak about open social learning what first comes to mind is to bring learning where the students actually are. In simple terms, if they are on given social networking site, let's try and make that specific social networking site an educational space. Let's try to tear down the walls of the classroom, of the school, and let the students out of the education system so they can learn where they are, when they are there.

But even more important than letting students out — which ...

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Sociedad Red Blog


El engorro de los nuevos partidos

La aparición de nuevos partidos políticos suele recibirse de forma muy diferente por parte de políticos y politólogos — solo por eso vale la pena distinguir unos de otros: no pueden ser más diferentes. Los politólogos suelen recibir con brazos abiertos y excitación la creación de nuevos partidos políticos, como los meteorólogos esperan la inestabilidad, las bajas presiones y, a ser posible, un tifón (aunque sea pequeño). Los políticos, por el contrario, suelen ser recelosos de la potencial competencia que ...

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New paper. Spanish Indignados and the evolution of the 15M movement on Twitter: towards networked para-institutions

Cover of the paper Spanish Indignados and the evolution of the 15M movement on Twitter: towards networked para-institutions

My colleagues Mariluz Congosto, Pablo Aragón and I just got a paper published. It is the final, improved version of a research that had already been presented thus:

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Open social innovation: the political organization as a platform

Book cover for Comunicació pel Canvi Social

In the last months I have been reflecting — especially in my blog in Spanish, SociedadRed, but also here — on the impact of ICTs on political institutions, and how these institutions are — or, in my opinion, should — adapting to new forms of participation and citizen organization.

I have especially addressed the highly innovative environment of these social practices, and thus (re)approached innovation, open innovation and social innovation but now under the new light ...

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