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Ismael Peña-López

I am Ismael Peña-López.

I am professor at the School of Law and Political Science of the Open University of Catalonia, and researcher at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute and the eLearn Center of that university. Since november 2013 I am on a partial leave to join Open Evidence as a senior researcher and analyst. I am also the director of the Open Innovation project at Fundació Jaume Bofill.

My main research interests are the impact of ICTs in society (e-Readiness, the digital divide), especially in development (e-inclusion, ICT4D), and educational (e-Learning, digital competence) and political (e-participation, e-democracy) institutions.

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APROPIATIC (III). Emilio Alvarado Badillo: Education of the future: Projections into the future

Notes from the VI Encuentro académico: Apropiatic. Uso y apropiación de la tecnología para el aprendizaje, organized by UNIMINUTO, and held in Bogotá, Colombia, on November 30 and December 1, 2015.

Emilio Alvarado Badillo
Education of the future: Projections into the future

Since 1975 information is growing at an exponential rate. Should education adapt to this increase in available information? Will there be a role for traditional institutions? How will learning be assessed?

There will be a change in what we learn and in the ways we do it.

Corporate universities will seriously compete with traditional educational centres, as will other informal ...

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Política, tecnopolítica y desarrollo digital

Fotografía de un hombre preparando una hondaMeasuring slingshot, hidden from photographer, cortesía de rpb1001.

Desarrollo y brecha digital

Amartya Sen revolucionó el concepto de desarrollo humano al presentar su aproximación por capacidades. Desde su punto de vista, no basta con tener acceso físico a los recursos, sino que, además, hay que ser capaz de ponerlos al beneficio de uno mismo. Este paso de la elección objetiva a la elección subjetiva se ha visto completado en los últimos años con un tercer estadio del desarrollo: la elección efectiva. Así, no basta con ...

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28/06/2015 El fin de la casta


Communication. Mapping agro-food consumption groups in the city of Barcelona

Cover of Espelt, R., Peña-López, I., Losantos, P., Rodríguez, E., Martín, T. & Pons, F. (2015). “Mapping agro-food consumption groups in the city of Barcelona”

My colleague Ricard Espelt is these days at the XXVI European Society for Rural Sociology Congress, in Aberdeen, Scotland. The motto of this year's edition of the congress is Places of possibility? Rural societies in a neoliberal world and this is just what Ricard is presenting on behalf of a small team he put up to analyse and map agro-food consumption ...

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Book chapter. The double edge of technology: an opportunity for inclusion and a risk of exclusion

Portada del Informe FAROS 2015

FAROS is the childhood and youth health observatory of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, one of the most renowned hospitals specialized in children and youngsters in Spain.

Every year they publish a book — the FAROS report — which deals about a topic of especial relevance for families and carers, helping them to understand it and to address it.

The 2015 edition of the FAROS report its entitled Las nuevas tecnologías en niños y adolescentes. Guía para educar saludablemente en una ...

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