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Ismael Peña-López

I am Ismael Peña-López.

I am professor at the School of Law and Political Science of the Open University of Catalonia, and researcher at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute and the eLearn Center of that university. I am also the director of the Open Innovation project at Fundació Jaume Bofill.

My main research interests are the impact of ICTs in society (e-Readiness, the digital divide), especially in development (e-inclusion, ICT4D), and educational (e-Learning, digital competence) and political (e-participation, e-democracy) institutions.

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Technopolitics, networks and citizenship: a syllabus

Man walking under the rain in a Japanese city
Singing in the rain, courtesy streetwork.com

My colleague Mirela Fiori is redesigning the Master in City and Urbanism which she is directing. In the updated version that she is planning she wants to include a subject on how technology and civic action have a role in the shaping of the city.

In my opinion this is a most important acknowledgement. Adolfo Estalella and Alberto Corsín have systematically proved how the city can be used both "hardware", much in the line ...

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Movimientos sociales y tecnopolítica: ¿anarquía o sincronía?

Caricatura de Marx y Bakunin en una pelea de boxeo
Bakunin and Marx from Russia with love, cortesía de fabiotmb

El 28 de septiembre de 1864 se constituía en el Saint Martin's Hall de Londres la Primera Internacional de los Trabajadores. Ocho años después, las distintas aproximaciones que sobre el poder y la organización tenían Karl Marx y Mijaíl Bakunin dieron al traste con la unidad y la Primera Internacional se partió en dos.

La Primera Internacional fue uno de los primeros intentos de organizar a una gran masa de ciudadanos a nivel ...

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Book chapter: The new infrastructures of democracy

The Xarxa d'Innovació Pública (XIP, the Catalan Network for Public Innovation) has just published the booklet Programari lliure i de codi obert – Societat lliure i govern obert (Free and open source software – Free society and open government). The booklet is in Catalan and presents a collection of reflections and good practices on why and how to apply free and open source software in government.

I am collaborating with the first chapter, Les noves infraestructures de la democràcia (The new infrastructures of democracy), where I state that:

We can say without too much exaggeration, that the tools of ...

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Communication at IDP2016. What is technopolitics? A conceptual scheme for understanding politics in the digital age

What is technopolitics?. There are many definitions (or attempts to define), approaches, contexts. But the truth is that the concept is gaining momentum and catching the attention of scholars. Since the publication of Jon Lebkowsky's TechnoPolitics and Stephano Rodotà's Tecnopolitica, both in 1997, the topic has seen an increase of popularity.

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Can Kurban, Maria Haberer and I have made an attempt to define an conceptualize the term at What is technopolitics? A conceptual scheme for ...

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