Monitory Democracy?


Keane, J. (2008). Monitory Democracy?. Paper prepared for the ESRC Seminar Series, ‘Emergent Publics’, The Open University, Milton Keynes, 13th-14th March 2008. Milton Keynes: Open University. Retrieved August 24, 2012 from

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[M]onitory democracy is a new historical type of democracy, one that is defined by the multiplication and dispersal of many different power-monitoring and power-contesting mechanisms, both within the ‘domestic’ fields of government and civil society and beyond, in cross-border settings that were once dominated by empires, states and business organisations.

the fact that all of the big issues of our times, including military intervention in Iraq, poverty reduction and global warming, have been generated not by political parties, elections, legislatures and governments, but principally by power-monitoring networks and organisations located outside, and running ‘parallel’ to and often against, the orthodox mechanisms of party-based representation.