Information Technology & People


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ISSN: 0959-3845

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Information Society


Information Technology & People maintains an openness to multiple paradigms of research including what has been mainstream empirical work. However, the journal emphasizes an agenda to publish hermeneutic, critical, ethnographic and language-focused original research and theory in information systems. We seek cultural and geographic diversity in studies of new technologies and uses that have a special impact on organizational communications, change processes and work practices, and that reflect the varying societal and infrastructural conditions in which information technology is deployed. We look for ways to perceive how people collectively conceptualize, invent, adapt, define and use technology, as well as how they are constrained by features of it. The journal has a primarily organizational focus, but publishes research relating to boundaries between organizational and societal concerns. "Cultures of information" is a topic that intersects industries, global regions and organizations, and is a new theme within our current scope. The emerging uses of IT in organizationally bounded teams and self-organizing groups, in support of software engineering processes, and for regional issues in electronic commerce, are topics which fit the theoretical scope and are an important area of current research.