La frustración del estudiante en línea. Causas y acciones preventivas


Borges, F. (2005). “La frustración del estudiante en línea. Causas y acciones preventivas”. In Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Ed.), Digithum, Núm. 7. Barcelona: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Retrieved June 20, 2005 from

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Type of work: Article (outreach)


e-Learning and Instructional Technology


The frustrations of online students, which are the result of repeated, serious and problematic situations, have not been studied sufficiently to date. Indeed, the consequences of student’s frustrations can lead to a load that has to be borne by all the agents involved in the e-learning: students, teachers and institutions. This study highlights the inadequate actions, or complete lack thereof, in terms of each of the agents involved in e-learning, which lead to frustration and serious problems for the student in carrying out their activities. It also provides a list of useful actions to help prevent the causes of frustration identified. Keywords: frustration, dropping out, online student, virtual student, student, pupil