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LIRNEasia’s mission is to improve the lives the people of Asia; by making it easier to use the information and communication technologies, or ICTs that they need; by changing the laws, policies and regulations to enable those uses; by building Asia-based human capacity through research, training, consulting and advocacy. To that end, LIRNEasia endeavors to transform governance and regulation of ICTs in the Asian region from obstructive, inhibiting regimes, into ones that will allow opportunities for people to use ICTs in ways that will improve their lives and to expand opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators to introduce new products and services with a minimum of government interference. Our immediate priority is building a team of Asian ICT policy and regulatory professionals that can work on equal terms with the best in the world. Currently we are focused on South and South East Asia, but LIRNEasia will soon expand its scope to the rest of Asia, with the help of our regional partners. Sri Lanka currently anchors this effort, but it is gradually becoming a regional initiative, drawing on human capacity from the region itself.

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