Index of Knowledge Societies

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The Index of Knowledge Societies (IKS) is an experimental index after the reflections issued by UNPAN's report Understanding Knowledge Societies in Twenty Questions and Answers with the Index of Knowledge Societies.

It is conformed by three components:

  • assets
  • advancement (development of assets)
  • foresightedness

The report puts forward "the idea that if societies desire to follow the path of knowledge-based growth and development, a very thorough reconstruction of their institutions must occur. It suggests to political leaders, public administrations and the public at large that a broad, well-informed debate about this institutional shift should be undertaken. The magnitude of such a shift would require the cooperation of all segments of society and their sharing not only of the risk and cost of change, but first and foremost, of common goals and values. It is hoped that this study will inform this debate or at least sketch its parameters." (source)

Developed by the UNPAN