Privacy In Atlantis


Kang, J. & Buchner, B. (2004). “Privacy In Atlantis”. In Harvard Journal of Law & Technology, Fall 2004, 18 (1), 229-267. Cambridge: Harvard University.

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Information Society | Policy & Regulation


The nation state of Atlantis is a modern society in all respects, including culture, economics, and technology. But it is still ruled by a benevolent monarch, the Queen, who has successfully forged consensus through wise deliberation and the advice of her faithful and pragmatic Counselor.1 The rise of cyberspace has prompted numerous questions about law and policy within Atlantis. Privacy stands prominently among these concerns. The Queen has just charged the Counselor to consult learned stakeholders to forge a course of action. The Queen expects prompt and practical answers, so the Counselor must respond quickly. He has called forth the Philosopher, Economist, Merchant, and Technologist. The scene starts in the great Hall of Discussion.