Innovation Policy Toolkit: Introduction to the UK innovation system


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The UK innovation system is notoriously difficult to map - many have tried, and most come up with either a partial view, or an overly complex one.

We have tried to provide a user guide to the system for policymakers. It won't be complete, but should help navigate the big landmarks, and find further data and information in the areas you need.

We hope that this will be useful to policymakers starting to support innovation in the UK, and also those from outside the UK who would like an overview of the system. We would love to hear your feedback too - what do you find useful? What do you think is missing?

What’s in it?

  • Introduction to the UK Innovation System: What are the main institutions in the UK innovation system and how are they organised?
  • Comparative performance of the UK innovation system: How does the UK compare to global competitors, what are its strengths and weaknesses?
  • Understanding UK Innovation Policy: What are the UK’s innovation policy priorities?


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Full document:
Bound, K. & Saunders, T. (2015). Innovation Policy Toolkit: Introduction to the UK innovation system. London: Nesta.

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