International Journal of Information and Communication Technologies for Human Development


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ISSN: 1935-5661

Type of work: Journal




Technology has always played a decisive role in humanity’s progress. Throughout history, it has not only strengthened economic development but has become a powerful tool for human development. Nevertheless, the positive impacts technology has on human development may become tainted by the risks it entails. Left adrift, the technological tools may become a dangerous and wicked instrument. They may give rise to a social exclusion, economic inequality, tension, and violence growth. That is why it is so important to design human development policies, in the context of the information and knowledge society, which promote the use of new technologies in the widening of the basic structure of rights which allow individuals to exercise freedom to develop capacities and fulfill achievements that give sense to their lives. Today, many initiatives are still in their early stages. There is not a solid background to learn from and many projects have been designed on a trial and error basis. The International Journal of Information Communication Technologies and Human Development (IJICTHD) will compile theoretical and empirical works that significantly contribute to the still unexplored field of how ICTs can make a difference in human development.