ICT for development: Empowerment or exploitation?


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Original name: ICT for development: Empowerment or exploitation?

Type of work: Report




This DFID-funded project is exploring potential applications of ICTs for poor and marginalised people, linking to existing Reflect groups in Uganda, Burundi and India. During the first year (2003), participating groups were encouraged to analyse issues around their own access to and control of information relating to their livelihoods: looking at the value of information to their own lives, the control of information resources, existing sources of information and communication mechanisms. Click here for the tools used in this planning process This analysis led to a planning process at community level, whereby choices and priorities were made about the use of a grant for technology and staff to be released in the second and third years. The resulting 'communications systems' are monitored according to indicators and objectives set by the communities themselves. This is our way of assessing what poor and marginalised people want from the new information technologies and media available today, and how these expectations can be met. On this website you can find out more about: The project: how it is structured, the processes and relationships designed to ensure truly community-owned outcomes... You might also look at the archive of monthly updates as a good starting point ... The pilots: their contexts, plans and outputs.. including proposals and monitoring systems. Learning: observations and lessons learned during the project process... Resources: articles, case studies, tools and practical resources developed by the project team... Concepts: the thinking behind the project, including information, participation and power... Click on the 'Reflect and ICTs' heading on any page within this subsite to return to this page... or choose a link from the left hand menu