Paton, Steve

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Paton, S. (2005). In Search of the Knowledge Worker. Labour Process Conference 2005. Glasgow: University of Strathclyde. Retrieved April 29, 2008 from

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MBA – University of Glasgow, PhD: Organizational Behavior - University of Strathclyde. Steve began as an engineer in the Aerospace industry and in the course of a 20 year career occupied a number of increasingly senior roles including manufacturing, operations and projects management. During the course of this career he has therefore been involved in most aspects of organizational life including business development and bid management, product design and engineering, financial and commercial management and programs and supply chain management. Steve’s research addresses the nature of contemporary work focusing on the areas of knowledge in work and the management of the knowledge resources of the firm. Current activity is primarily focused on the generation of operational strategies of organizations and their attempts to create competitive advantage by increasing their activity in the areas of creative work and innovation and expanding their service provision and therefore moving up the value chain. At present Steve is involved in the generation of a report advising on the future direction of Scottish manufacturing. Steve has published in the areas of change management and the management of knowledge work. Current teaching includes Operations and Project Management on the MBA and BITs programs. In addition, as Director of Undergraduate Programs within the Department of Management, Steve headed up the recent introduction of the BA in Management: one of the latest additions to the Strathclyde Business School’s portfolio of undergraduate degrees.