Second Annual ICT4D Postgraduate Symposium (VII): Sustainability and partnership

Kaire Holts
ICT4D Best practice transfer

Look@World project in Estonia

  • Public Internet Access Points
  • Equipment
  • Training

How to collect best practices? Universal kwnoledge, transferable core vs. specific country knowledge/context. How can we extract the universal, transferable part of the best practice?

  • How to collect and “conserve” the best practices?
  • How to extract the country specific aspect?
  • How to manage the knowledge Institutionalisation?
  • Methodologies, approaches?

Uduak Okon
ICTs and Sustainable Communities Development. The case of the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

How ICTs may contribute to the sustainable development of communities in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.

Incorporate Ethnography into the Participatory (Action) Research framework

Engage in a dialog between the researcher and the target population of the research, sharing findings, reshape theoretical models, test them back again with the target group, etc.

My commntents
  • Stress/focus in the “communicational sphere” and not in the whole “devolpment” sphere. Uduak agrees and states that, in fact, she is already focusing in the social part, letting aside the economy, etc.
  • What is “sustainable”?
  • Match categories of findings with corresponding categories of “ICT solutions”
  • Bring inside the methodology Web 2.0 applications as perfect companions to build community (i.e. social software) and their quite low power demanding needs

Gudrun Wicander
SIF — the Sustainability ICT Framework — and beyond

3 dimensions: resource, space, time
5 capital: human, social , physical, financial, material

Include institutional and political capital into the 5 capital model, to focus on Public Financial Management. Then use the extended SIF as an analytical tool applied to Tanzania in the administration of primary education andor tracing funds to rural schools.

Research questions

  • Attitudes among teachers
  • Attitudes among administrators
  • Mappnig of mobile…
  • Mapping of information flows

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Second Annual ICT4D Postgraduate Symposium (2007)

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