Annual ICT4D Postgraduate Symposium (session 5)

This is the Annual ICT4D Postgraduate Symposium fifth session briefing. It took place in Egham, September 15th, 2006, morning. Here come the notes I took on the fly:


Auchariya Yongphrayoon, Royal Holloway University of London
Geographical Information Systems for Mass Valuation in Thailand

Compare econometric methods of valuation, comparing the benefits of modern technology and methodology with the traditional valuation method in terms of relability and accuracy.

The hedonic pricing method places emphasis on property attributes and price per unit value.

The question is: are there any more attributes affecting the prices of lands in the study areas [besides the ones considered]?

Auchariya Yongphrayoon
Auchariya Yongphrayoon


Ismael Peña-López, Open University of Catalonia
The e-readiness layers: thresholds and relationships

Build an only digital index, different from the technology focused ones (i.e. ITU) or the ones that combine ICT indicators and development indicators (i.e. NRI).

The goal is try and stablish relationships among indicators (not just an index) so the conclusions can be used in ICT policy making.


Julie E. Ferguson, Royal Holloway University of London
Anylizing the development effect of knowledge sharing strategies

[disclaimer: she’s the chief editor of Knowledge Management for Development Journal]

She explains the three main methods to measure the effect of knowledge sharing for development and, with the conclusions, work in the making of a (new) framework of analyse, taking the best of the three worlds (and own contribution ;) and being capable of doing impact assessment.

The main goal is go ahead the case-study or the particular-approach and try and set a general way of evaluating knowledge strategies. To do so, fieldwork in Uganda putting in practice the three methods, in order to be able to compare them.

The $1M questions: what is knowledge? what is effect? what is impact?

Julie E. Ferguson (speaking) and David Hollow (behind left)
Julie E. Ferguson (speaking) and David Hollow (behind left)



First Annual ICT4D Postgraduate Symposium (2006)

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