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These last months we have been working (in fact, I joined the team just some weeks ago) i a project for the XIII Cumbre Judicial Iberoamericana about the state of e-Justice in the 22 countries members of the Cumbre.

The gathering of information has been very interesting and, in fact, we’re just in the middle of our way to a final report. Nevertheless, some really cute references have arosen concerning e-Readiness, my main field in the team.

Here they come:

Harvard University. (2000). Readiness for the Networked World. A Guide for Developing Countries. Cambridge: Center for International Development at Har vard University.
Retrieved February 17, 2006 from








I found really useful Harvard University’s guide. Should not miss it.


University ICT4D

Chris Coward and the Center for Internet Studies at the University of Washington run this site to promote ICT4D in the framework of the University and/or higher education, to think about the role of this institution in the field of development by means of ICTs.

They’re not the only ones:


Knowledge Management for Development Journal Vol 1, No 3

Under the generic title of Understanding the role of culture in knowledge sharing: making the invisible visible, Vol 1, No 3 of the Knowledge Management for Development Journal (KM4D) is out.

[via Nancy White through the Online Facilitation list]


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