MIT’s Course Server

[Via SIT and Bonnie Bracey @ DigitalDivide discussion list]

It looks like MIT has released a F/OSS content management system (CMS). According to them, it also looks like a learning management system (LMS):

Developed to be highly scalable across institutions and countries, it can support an unlimited number of courses and students. The CADDIE Collaborative Architectures for a Distributed Instructional Environment is designed to take advantage of the wide range of collaboration technology available on today’s highly calable Web Platforms, including messenger, voice over IP and real time and streaming video.

It’s a pity I haven’t been able to enter its demo site, ’cause Bonnie says that “the software, which can be downloaded free, allows users to build various portals for the different aspects of a distance-education program. Portals can be built, for example, for registration, course management, or online testing.”

We’ll wait and see.

So far, OpenCourseWare and CourseServer seem to me quite a nice pair.


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