BibCiter, new bibliography manager released

Almost one year ago, I wrote about ICT4D Bibliography, the then new section of my personal research portal. It was published with an application I coded on my own, BibCiter, to replace the MS Access I had been using.

I began coding in Summer 2005 and after Christmas 2005, I could start using it for my own needs, as you could see. A year has passed and now I’m glad to announce that BibCiter has been fixed and enhanced and released as free software under a GPL v2 license. The baby is still too young to be a stable 1.0 version, so keep in mind that there are serious reasons for being 0.9 beta. Nonetheless, BibCiter [babe sitter] is fully functional and “only” lacks a good handbook.

Feel free to write back and send any comments… and, of course, feel free to install it!

More info

I want to hearty thank …dilluns… for her endless patience during endless PHP-MySQL sessions :*

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