Bazaar Seminar: Hey Dude, Where’s My Data? (Presentation and Scoping of Issues)

[notes from the Bazaar Seminar: Hey Dude, Where’s My Data?]

Goals of the seminar:

  • To explore issues arising from implementation of web 2.0 and the development of web services
  • To examine the nature of dispersed personal data and what it means for the future
  • To discuss the implications of these developments for education
  • To study the future scenarios and possible responses

Possible outcomes:

  • scoping of issues
  • possible scenarios for future
  • identification of impilcations
  • recommendations
  • further research issues identification

People in the meeting: Graham Attwell, Josep Blat, Julia Silies, Dai Grifiths, Stuart Yates, Ramon Ovelar, Ben Werdmuller, John Smith, Jan Hylen, George Bekiaridis, Sakis Marantos, Núria Ferran, Ismael Peña-López, Chris Lakin.

Scoping of issues

Dai Grifiths:

  • the (educational) institution is years behind the practice (of the student)
  • the ease of installing new Virtual Learning Environments… what impact would this have in institutions?
  • what happens with the institution if everything goes virtual?

Stuart Yates:

  • big concern with intellectual property rights
  • who spends the money to store data?

John Smith

  • students are already playing with data and institutions are not
  • conflict among security (technical and legal) vs. flexibility

George Bekiaridis

  • Why people/students use web 2.0 apps? Quick, cheap, powerful. Can (educational) institutions provide such services?
  • maybe small (personal?) servers, connected in sort of a P2P netword would be a solution

Núria Ferran

  • Libraries could play an important role in keeping data as a public service… as they have always done with knowledge in general

Ismael Peña-López

  • focus on people rather than data: digital identities
  • A data store is much more than a tool, as a house is much more than bricks. We need a data home, not a data house
  • Long life learning: long life e-portfolio, such as Scott Wilson’s personal learning environment
  • Difference among stock data (what do I want to keep that defines my digital persona) vs. flow data (data I exchange and can be erased once the communication is over)
  • “I’d rather trackback than comment”

Graham Attwell

  • Not “where’s my data” but “what’s my data”. What’s important to keep?

Bazaar Seminar (2006)

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Peña-López, I. (2006) “Bazaar Seminar: Hey Dude, Where’s My Data? (Presentation and Scoping of Issues)” In ICTlogy, #37, October 2006. Barcelona: ICTlogy.
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