Educating the Net Generation. A Toolkit of Resources for Educators in Australian Universities


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This toolkit is one of the outcomes of the ALTC-funded project Educating the Net Generation: Implications for Learning and Teaching in Australian Universities. The resources in this toolkit were developed and used during the project, and include research instruments used to investigate student and staff experiences of technology, and tools used for planning and implementing new technology-based activities in eight learning settings across three universities.

The resources in this toolkit can be used by educators to assist in incorporating emerging technologies in educational activities to enhance student learning in discipline-specific contexts. The resources can also be used to support quantitative and qualitative research into the technology experiences and preferences of university students and staff, and the evaluation of technology-based learning activities.

The toolkit is not intended to be read as a single document. Rather, it is expected that readers will choose to access and use only those resources that are relevant to them. Each of the resources included in this toolkit is, therefore, a self-contained document.

Other outcomes from the Educating the Net Generation project, including the publication Educating the Net Generation: A Handbook of Findings for Practice and Policy, can be accessed from the project website:

In addition, an online community has been set up to complement the Educating the Net Generation project. It is hosted by edna groups and provides a space for higher education professionals who are interested in the project to participate in an ongoing discussion about issues related to educating the Net Generation and implementing new technologies in higher education. For instructions on how to join the online community visit: