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[T]he WSIS Plan of Action prioritizes evaluation and tracking of countries’ progress in adopting ICTs.

The Plan of Action also calls for the development of a composite index called the "ICT Development (Digital Opportunity) Index" to measure the magnitude of the digital divide and follow up the implementation of the Plan's objectives, goals and targets

The Digital Opportunity Index uses the core indicators as its starting basis, since they have been agreed by the international community as the most important indicators for measuring the Information Society. It's the merger of the Digital Opportunity Index and Orbicom's Digital Divide Index.

DOI and ICT-OI illustrate different aspects of the digital divide. For instance, the DOI includes tariffs and advanced services (such as mobile broadband), whereas the ICT-OI focuses on more traditional ICTs (such as television, fixed telephony, education).

DOI is based on eleven separate indicators in three clusters of opportunity, infrastructure and utilization and takes the value between the scales from 0 to 1. In this context, the DOI for the Republic of Moldova accumulates 0,35 points, placing it on 111 position from 181 states.


Developed by the International Telecommunication Union and other international and national agencies. Included in the World Information Society Report.

It has been abandoned in favour of the ICT Development Index.

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