ICT Development Index

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A merger of Digital Opportunity Index and the ICT Opportunity Index, it takes from the DOI: Indicators related to households, Indicators related to broadband and simple and easy to understand methodology and presentation (goalposts). On the other hand, it takes rom the ICT-OI: Indicators related to skills (also included in the DAI), Normalization method (distance to a reference value) and Digital divide analysis and methodology (as an application of the IDI).

What has been added/modified:

  • The conceptual framework, based on a basic three-stage information society model (readiness-use-impact).
  • The use of principal components analysis (PCA) to eliminate indicators that have less influence on the index calculation.

First published in Measuring the Information Society - The ICT Development Index 2009, it is not the same thing as the ICT Diffusion Index that was later also called ICT Development Index.

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