Deconstructing the Book: The Drumbeat series as a Pliego

By Ismael Peña-López
ICTlogy (ISSN 1886-5208). Issue #86, November 2010


My colleague Enric Senabre, with Adam Hyde and Patrick Hendricks are organizing the Printing Lab at the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival.

One of the things they’re presenting is PliegOS, which is like a Twitter for books.

To make a demonstration of PliegOS, Enric is taking the first three out of my four-post series for Drumbeat, that is:

and turnging them into a pliego.

The result is surprising to say the least. You can download the pliego in the following link:

And you can also watch how a pliego is built and used in the following video:

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Peña-López, I. (2010) “Deconstructing the Book: The Drumbeat series as a Pliego” In ICTlogy, #86, November 2010. Barcelona: ICTlogy.
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  1. Thank you for sharing it here :) The printing lab couldn’t be on time during the festival for technical reasons, so these pliegos were distributed by hand to some book-lovers among the participants (the original idea was to print them right away).

    Adam and Laleh managed to arrive from Berlin, bring and set up the bookivan ( in the square only the second day, then produce a couple of his books also:

    The mobile and cheap printing idea of the bookimobile is based on an original project by Brewster Kahle (Internet Archive), who some years ago used a van for producing and distributing cheap books in some parts of Africa with the motto “one buck one book”.

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