Email Lists and Message Boards- Where’s the Middle Ground?

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Lee Lefeever writes about Email Lists vs. Message Boards.

In my opinion, the middle ground lays on an intranet where e-mail and message boards are just a part of a whole thing where everything is embedded in a coherent virtual community system.

I think that having a “place” is quite a must if there’s even a slight commitment with knowledge management and/or some kind of filing effort with all the information running through the community.

Some intranets allow the user be notified of new posts and even let the user customize some views so he can see all board updates at a glance when entering the intranet (and before reaching his mail inbox).

All in all, the matter surely is having your communication/community applications in a suite the same way you like to have your office applications (word processor, spreadsheet, etc. at MS Office) or your web design applications (code editor, photo editor, etc. at Macromedia Dreamweaver+Fireworks) or, even better, as just one application.

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  1. If it’s well programmed, you can have it all: a good forum can send you e-mails for every post, daily or weekly digests, an RSS feed… And if you combine that with an engine like slashdot’s, able to give every comment an importance level, so you don’t have to read every single comment, you come quite close to perfection.

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