Network Analysis

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Some applications may be listed under Data Visualization instead of Network Analysis.

Network Analysis

Dynamic systems simulation

  • STELLA. Richmond, B. (2001) An introduction to systems thinking: STELLA. Hanover, NH: High Performance Systems.
  • STELLA/iThink (Richmond,B.; Peterson, S. (1993) STELLA II: An introduction to systems thinking. Hanover, NH: High Performance Systems.
  • DYNAMO. Hanneman, R.A. (1988) Computer-assisted theory building: Modeling dynamic social Systems. Newbury Park, CA: Sage.
  • POWERSIM. Same data format from STELLA.
  • SIENA (Simulation Investigation for Empirical Network Analysis). Fa anàlisi sobre la base de simulacions per un ordinador d’un model probabilístic per a l’evolució de la xarxa social (la tècnica analítica estadística amb dades longitudinals de xarxa la va desenvolupar Snijders).
  • Snijders, T.A.B. (2001) The statistical evaluation of social network dynamics. In M.E. Sobel & M.P. Becker (Eds.), Sociological methodology 2001 (pp. 361-395). Boston, MA: Blackwell.

STELLA, SYNAMO, POWERSIM and VENSIM to analyze the non-linear relationships between variables or concepts such as work, stress or productivity.


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