Global Connectivity Index

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Launched in 2014.

There are four components to the GCI: Supply, Demand, Experience and Potential. These encompass the entire chain of ICT development and digital transformation to provide a 360-degree view of the digital economy.

  • Supply: measures current levels of supply for ICT products and services used for digital transformation. Supply indicators: ICT investment, telecom investment, ICT laws, international Internet

bandwidth, fiber optics, 4G coverage, data center investment, cloud investment, big data investment, and IoT investment.

  • Demand: gauges demand for connectivity in the context of users and activities relating to digital transformation initiatives. Demand indicators: app downloads, e-commerce transactions, smartphone penetration, computer households, fixed broadband subscriptions, mobile broadband subscriptions, data center equipment, cloud migration, analytics data creation, IoT installed base.
  • Experience: comprises variables for analyzing the experience

of connectivity for endusers and organizations in today’s digital economy. Experience indicators: government services, telecom customer services, internet participation, broadband download speeds, fixed broadband affordability, mobile broadband affordability, data center experience, big data experience, cloud experience, IoT experience.

  • Potential: comprises a forwardlooking set of indicators

that point towards the future development of the digital economy. Potential indicators: R&D expenditure, ICT patents, IT workforce, software developers, and market potential Index calculations for broadband, data centers, cloud services, big data, and IoT experience.