ICT4HD. Valentín Villarroel: Conclusions of the first day

Notes from the I International Workshop on Research in ICT for Human Development, at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, and held in Fuenlabrada, Spain, on May 13th and 14th, 2010. More notes on this event: ict4hd10.

Valentín Villarroel: Conclusions of the first day

  • Human development is (social) innovation. Research is necessary for human development.
  • Multidisciplinary and multiactoral approaches, importance of team- and network.
  • What disciplines converge in ITC4D?
  • Practitioners might not follow a pure scientific methodology, but they are also creating (scientific) knowledge which should be worth taking into account.
  • Lack of strategies in universities and governments.
  • There are (still) few people working in the field of ICT4D but there are indeed some of them.
  • Priorities in development should lead research priorities in ICT4D.
  • There is not an ICT4D priority in Latin America.
  • Research incentives hurt research in ICT4D.
  • We should avoid making up technological solutions and, afterwards, go and quest for problems that fit into those solutions.
  • Avoid solving specific problems with huge deployments.

Some areas of ICT4D research:

  • Telecommunication (hard) and information (soft) systems.
  • Technological change management and implementation models.
  • Innovation and outreach of the ICT sector.
  • Facilitators, legal framework, policies.
If you cannot see the slides please visit <a href="http://ictlogy.net/?p=3371">http://ictlogy.net/?p=3371</a>


I International Workshop on Research in ICT for Human Development (2010)

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