EDem10: Momentum Project

Notes from the EDem10 — 4th International Conference on eDemocracy 2010, at the Danube-University Krems, and held in Krems, Austria, on May 6th and 7th, 2010. More notes on this event: edem10.

Workshop: Momentum project
Daniel Van Lerberghe

What is understood about participation is not the same thing across Europe.

Momentum aims at monitoring the existing eParticipation projects in order to collect and consolidate their results and disseminate them to all relevant institutions in the EU and to all interested civil society acgtors.

Began in January 2008 and is to last 30 months.

The Role of eParticipation in the European Climate Change Debate
Oli Lacigová

WAVE project to engage citizens in the debate about climate change.

Usability has been an issue, even if the website is really visual and, at first glance, easy to track the related topics.

Another example: eMPOWER.

Results of the debates are aggregated and presented to members of the parliament(s).

e-Government strategy in Austria

Different working groups to cover all the different aspects of an e-Government strategy: presentation layer, integration and access, law and security, infrastructures and interoperability.

VIDI project
Sinan Sen

Goals of the VIDI tool/software:

  • advance visualization of messages
  • highlight discussions and topics
  • real-time notification about discussion
  • proactive involvement
  • complex event processing techniques


HUWY – Hub Websites for Youth Participation
Ralf Lindner, Fraunhofer ISI

HUWY is meant to support youth participation in politics-related debates, to encourage young people to talk about policies and laws which affect the Internet. On the other hand, there is another aim to channel these reflections, ideas, recommendations to people in governments and parliaments.

There are four national websites (UK, Germany, Estonia, Ireland) and a European hub were you can access the results from all conversations.

Some topics that arouse: cyberbulling, child abuse and safety, ID theft, privacy, phishing, file sharing, security, copyright, censorship, freedom of speech, etc.

New approaches in the project: emphasis on process, deliberation in own spaces, use existing groups and networks, blending off- and online spaces, policy-makers involved as partners, use of stories to engage.

(note: these were all demos of the several projects, hence much more happened than these notes might reflect)


EDEm10 - 4th International Conference on eDemocracy (2010)

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