Digital Divide mini-track at HICSS

The Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 40th edition is taking place on January 3-6, 2007 at Waikoloa, Big Island (Hawaii). There is a Digital Divide minitrack this year chaired by Karine Barzilai-Nahon, Information School, University of Washington.

The minitrack is calling for papers and reviewers. The subjects are

  • Socio-demographic factors– gender, age, education, income, ethnic diversity, race diversity, language diversity, religiosity
  • Social and governmental support – for example the use of supportive initiatives, policy and applications to bridge the gap, or how society and community impact einclusion
  • Access and technology – infrastructure factors
  • Affordability
  • Use – skills, frequency and time, locus, autonomy of use, what do users do online and for what purpose
  • Accessibility focusing mainly in populations with special needs
  • Measurements index – e-readiness, DiDix and more
  • Conceptualization and theory of digital divide
  • Comparative analysis of policy

Liked to be there…


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