Global Scan on Open (Collaborative) Content Projects

Global Scan on Open (Collaborative) Content Projects is a project to learn which open content projects have been implemented or are planned in different regions of the world. The project is coordinated by Openflows and supported by the Open Society Institute’s Information Program.

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Volunteering and Online Facilitation: resources

Yesterday I got an e-mail that asked for some help on finding resources about online facilitation and networking for a volunteering course.

Just had 5 minutes for her, but guess the advice I gave her was fair enough to share:

Borges, Federico (2005). «La frustración del estudiante en línea. Causas y acciones preventivas». Digithum UOC. N.º 7.
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Baumgartner, Peter (2005). ‘How to choose a Content Management Tool according to a Learning Model’ In, 17 May 2005. Brussels: European Commission
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Full Circle Associates, Nancy White’s page (

Online Facilitation distribution list:

Peña López, Ismael (2001). La coordinación y el trabajo en red. Gestión de las ONG, proyectos y formación webcéntricos: el Campus for Peace. Barcelona: UOC
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Sugrue, Brenda (2004). ‘Five Instructional Design Principles Worth Revisiting’ In The Criterion, Spring Issue 2004. Silver Spring: ISPI-FRC
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White, Nancy(2004). Online Group Facilitation skills: An Evolving Practice. Draft.