Blogger Corps (was: Not for profit blogs (revisited))

Rebeca MacKinnon at RConversation:

socially conscious members of the blogging community (of all political persuasions) might want to organize a “Blogger Corps.” Through it, bloggers could donate their time to help poorly funded activists or non-profit groups to figure out what blogging tools are right for them, set up blogs, and develop effective blogging strategies

Nancy White at Full Circle Associates:

Do we need a Blogger Corps? Or do we need to continue to do a bit more overtly what already happens: help each other. Post short cuts and tips. Welcome each other. Point people to free resources. Read and comment on new bloggers’ blogs as a form of coaching and encouragement.

Working in the NPO/NGO community, I get a bit jaded about yet another group. Maybe we need to simply plug into existing groups? On the flip side, creating a service identity in the blogosphere has value as well.

In my opinion, there’s no need to create this specific volunteers group but add, in some other online volunteering sites, a new category related to blog coaching. And foster and foster online volunteering, besides if it develops web sites or designs online learning content.


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  1. I think about the same point and I like to think that the blogger community it’s a kind off people that it’s part off the open movement were we can find all the open sofware developement community & all the people who share his knowledge in virtual spaces like a personal diary o any dynamic website who allows to share experiencies, information , best práctices etc…

    Maybe the good point about building the “blogger Corporation” it’s to ensure someonle orders the knowledge needs of the community of people who has a compromise with some develomement iniciatives.



  2. Hi Bob,

    I guess we should work hard with NGOs and first empower them in ICT4D. They deal directly with the final target of online learning for development, say underdeveloped and developing countries, so IMHO it is through NGOs that we should reach this more people. NGOs… and governments, of course!

  3. Hello,

    Pardon my asking ? If one would like to offer on-line training to developing
    countries, how would one go about getting involved in such an endeavor ?
    Thru NGOs ? Which one’s ?

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