Importance of deselecting media in elearning

Who Needs Multimedia discusses some of the myths surrounding media use for elearning. I think the focus is off. The real question of media use is not “is the technology sufficiently advanced”, but “does it help the learner and improve the learning experience”. If it doesn’t add to the learning experience, don’t use it…doesn’t matter how “cool” or cutting edge it is. I’ve come to view the deselection of formats/concepts/activities in the learning design process as (almost) more important than the formats/concepts/activities that are included.

From Open Artifact and him from elearnspace and him from L&T Magazine

If you add to “If it doesn’t add to the learning experience, don’t use it” the fact that sometimes this multimedia stuff makes it thougher to people with bad connectivity or poor desktops, specially in underdevelopped countries, it gets really important to take in consideration the use of multimedia no “matter how “cool” or cutting edge it is”. And I guess some of the myths the article tries to demythologize still are not that clear in some whereabouts.


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Peña-López, I. (2004) “Importance of deselecting media in elearning” In ICTlogy, #9, June 2004. Barcelona: ICTlogy.
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