Feedster on e-volunteering

I guess this is bad news though it might be considered as good.

Feedster’s searches by “e-volunteering”, “e-volunteer” and “e-volunteers” just show results from this blog, except in a couple of cases (one of them writing about this blog indeed).

Good news is “well, I’ll be found whoever searches according to these keywords”.
Bad news are “am I alone?”.
And yes, setting up this blog was about finding people writing things of my interest and not about having lots of readers. I think I’ve succeeded in this last one goal ;)) but… what about the first goal? I’ve found a good buch of interesting people all around the blogosphere but… still feel quite lonely.

Poor me ;)


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  1. Thanks, Betsy, I really appreciate your hint :)

    But the point is that ICT volunteering is not exactly the same concept as e-volunteers or virtual volunteers.

    If we take (as defined by UNITeS definition of ICT volunteers as “people from various countries and cultures engaging in volunteering action while making use of information and communication technologies (ICT). These volunteers use these technologies to facilitate their volunteering activities as well as avail the use of it by others all in their effort to reach local and global development goals” the e-volunteer or virtual volunteer is just a subset of the first one, the one that makes all this ICT volunteering strictly on-line.

    Put it simple: I am more interested in people volunteering in front of a desktop computer, sitting home and helping someone 5.000 miles away, rather than installing it in this 5.000 miles away place.

    Anyway, you’ve given me good ideas and make me think in different ways to improve my Feedster searches :))))

  2. I think what you call “e-volunteer” is most often referred as “online volunteer”. I believe the term was introduced by NetAid.
    As you mentioned in another post, isn’t their new spinoff site called onlinevolunteer.org

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