CSS, colors and accessibility

I’ve enhanced my blog so the navigator can customize color and font size.

This is done through a new set of CSS files where I defined a green pattern (in fact, the original one), a blue pattern and a big sized font pattern. I’m proud of if but not glad, as green layout and blue layout look a little bit different and I still have to found where the error is. Expectedly, they neither look the same way in Internet Explorer or in Mozilla :(

The big fonts layout is not even a beta version, but I’d rather have it uploaded than remaining inaccessible (I actually am, but feel less guilty about it ;)

The CSS change is done through some javascript I borrowed from tintachina, which was original by Paul Sowden at A List Apart. Thanks to both of them for sharing their knowledge – hope I can help back sometime.


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  1. Qué extraño. Estaba probando la beta de MSN Search y llego hasta tu blog porque hablas de tintachina (el mío). Me preguntaba por qué no lo había detectado nunca antes y compruebo que es porque el enlace a tinta está mal xD

    ¡Y me doy cuenta casi 2 años después!


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