Soft and template updates in WP blog

It’s clear I have to spend more time on this.

Updating to new features

Last week I tried to enhance the blog with the new features at the “bleeding edge” development of WordPress. It surely was my fault, but after downloading the required files at the CVS repository, I really had a deep disappointment as nothing worked as expected. Worst thing of all was not being able to post anything (Calling out… post was written directly on MySql phpMyAdmin).

After tracking back all errors and, actually, not finding the bug, I had to reinstall my backuped version of the site – just navigation files, not database.

Next time I’ll pay more attention on what I do and not do it all at once but step by step. Promised.

New link organization

Yesterday I replaced get_links() function by get_links_list() function. I think that was a good thing: it will allow having plenty of links not in a pile but in categories, automatically sorted, alt-tag-commented and out-of-the-html-editing-loop-updated.

Having a good selection of links is not good but a must: it will help me focus on the subjects I’m supposed to be interested in and, over all, show the reader my main sources for information and further readings I find of personal/professional interest. Links and my own content do have to walk hand in hand and be considered as a whole. All in all: I want to add value, that simple, even if this value means only putting some order to my personal chaos ;)

By the way, struggling with wp-layout.css was not that simple :D

PS: hope this time I don’t have to come back for ortography orthography errors and so. Thanks Chess for linguistic surveillance: MS Word corrector did great job too ;)

PS2: I’ll keep my more or less personal stuff under newly created Z-files link category :)


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