Tecnoneet 2004

On Thursday, 23rd September 2004, 12:00 AM, I’m speaking at Tecnoneet 2004, 3rd Congress of Special Educational Needs and Information Society Technology:
“Challenges and realities of the Digital Inclusion” (23-25 September 2004. Auditorium and Conference Centre. Murcia-Spain)

When I first read its preliminary program, I thought the Campus for Peace had to be there. Now I’m not that sure. The definitive program (sent to me by mail by the organization but not yet uploaded to the site) is specifically focused to people with disabilities, instead of people behind the digital divide, as I thought.

After thinking about it, I’ll rewrite my presentation in this new key as, all in all, what I was talking about can easily be thought in plenty of ways.

Thus, the title is “Virtual Volunteering for e-Learning for Development” and deals with three pillars on which to build non-profit e-learning projects:

  • F/OSS e-learning platforms
  • Free (licensed) content
  • Virtual volunteers

I have uploaded to my Articles section a very little article which, in fact, is the extended description of what I’ll talk about.

In Spanish only, for the moment.