ICTs for Poverty Alleviation: Basic Tool and Enabling Sector


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ISBN: 91-586-8429-8

Type of work: Report




The rapid development of mobile telephony and the global expansion of the Internet shows that ICTs have a significant role to play in developing countries. Where these technologies have become available, their extensive use is evidence of the success that can come from providing a climate encouraging innovation and growth. It is of great importance to understand how we can bridge the digital divide and be able to use technology to benefit all levels of society. ICTs for Poverty Alleviation: Basic Tool and Enabling Sector confirms that it is possible, practical and affordable to use ICTs to the benefit of the poor. It also confirms the need for all countries to have a presence in the emerging technology-based economy. ICTs have the potential to be effective instruments in support of poverty reduction.The flexible nature of ICTs allows them to help address problems in health, education and livelihoods. In addition, they can enable people’s empowerment and ultimately strengthen human rights.


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