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Open access (OA) is the free online availability of digital content. It is best-known and most feasible for peer-reviewed

scientific and scholarly journal articles, which scholars publish without expectation of payment. Open Access publishing, where the author (usually the author's research funder or institution) pays the publication costs, has been proposed as an alternative to a subscription-based cost-recovery model. So far the growth of this alternative cost-recovery model has been slow.[...]</p>

There are two roads to open access (OA), with many variations. In open [href=" access publishing], also known as the "golden" road to OA, journals make their articles openly accessible immediately on publication. One example of an open access publisher is the Public Library of Science. In open access self-archiving,also called the "green" road to OA, authors make copies of their own published articles openly accessible, generally in a subject or institutional repository. A leading proponent of the "green" school since 1994 is Stevan Harnad.



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