Open Education 2006 (VI): Mash-Ups, Sakai-OCW-eduCommons and OER suporting tools

Here come my notes on the Open Education 2006: Community, Culture, and Content that we are attending:

Thursday, September 28, 2006
Concurrent sessions

DIY Educators Gone Wild: Where are the Instructional Mash-Ups?
Brian Lamb, University of British Columbia
Teacher as DJ (David Wiley)

The Sakai-OCW-eduCommons Project
Joseph Hardin, University of Michigan

Bringing it all online: discussion tool, tests & quizzes tool, online class support, etc. But how to make it easy for the faculty?

OCW Tool: support for tagging in Sakai, IP status for Creative Commons, OCW repository.

Steps: choose materials, tags, check copyright, create course pages, OCW Review, Export.

Taking the Tools to the Content: Learner Support for OER
David Wiley, Shelley Henson, Justin Ball, COSL/Utah State University


Making Open Content Support Learning or MOCSL is a set of small tools designed specifically to advance the state of the art in supporting end users’ abilities to find educational resources, reuse educational resources, and close the feedback loop between end users and content authors.

OsmoseRSS: aggregator with social component, such as tags, resource sharing, etc. You can create groups to add content that is already generated: from, flickr, 43 things, etc. See also establish relations between websites. See also

Send2Wiki: such a website content and send it to somewhere it can be manipulated

Pheromone: create trails through websites (different ones) so sort of online resource is created

Annorate: lets anotate and rate web pages

RelStore: compare tags and sites

OCW Finder: finds OCW OER.

The simplest the tools, the simplest the interface, the simplest its purpose… the most people will participate.


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