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Welcome to my personal research portal.

Some people have asked, some just dared not. What does ICTlogy stand for?
Ok, for those not familiar with this jargon:

ICTlogy = ICT + logy

ICT: Information and Communication Technologies, say, Internet and all this stuff.
-logy: literally, study of; “used at the end of some nouns that refer to a particular science or subject” (Collins)

Thus, ICTlogy, a place that deals with ICT and their (social) uses.

By the way, I pronounce it [a?si?’ti?l?d??] or, if you prefer it, ai-see-TEE-lo-gee

While the focus of this blog has evolved since October 21st, 2003, here I deal with subjects within the boundaries of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Development, namely the Digital Divide, ICT4D, e-Readiness, e-Inclusion, Digital Literacy, Open Access, nonprofit technology, etc. To do this, under the general concept/domain of ICTlogy I’ve set up the following contents:

  • ICTlogy, review of ICT4D (ISSN 1886-5208), a gathering of news, reflexions, articles about the role of Information and Communication Technologies for Development. Most of them coming from the ICT4D Blog, but also interesting links, guest articles, etc.
  • ICT4D Blog, with news, links and reflexions about ICT4D in general and, specially, about e-learning, e-volunteering or online volunteering, intranets and networking, knowledge management, the digital divide(s)…
  • ICT4D Events, a list/calendar of events (congresses, conferences, symposia, etc.) in the fields of ICT4D or related issues
  • ICT4D Wiki, with all “static” data I gather around: people, institutions, resources…
  • ICT4D Bibliography, a good bunch of bibliographic citations on ICT4D or closely related issues
  • ICT4D learning objects repository, with courseware in the field of nonprofits and development

Heartly thanks to UOC Cooperation team for helping me in my way to gather this bunch of knowledge I’m supposed to be sharnig.Zillions of thanks also go to César Córcoles whose help was of most value to set up this blog and to keep ruling it. Trust me: I face a difficult payback :)

Sincere thanks to José Luis Orihuela from whom I learned so much in such little time and, I guess, gave me the final “go, blog it!”.



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