Bazaar Seminar: Hey Dude, Where’s My Data? (Scoping of Issues II)

By Ismael Peña-López
ICTlogy (ISSN 1886-5208). Issue #37, October 2006


[notes from the Bazaar Seminar: Hey Dude, Where’s My Data?]

Aspects issued during the presentations about scoping of issues:

  • Where do I publish my data? in my server or the Institution’s?
  • Whose is the data produced during the process of learning? mine (student or faculty) or the institution’s?
  • How to balance the ways of accessing content which usually are (a) control (i.e. institutional repositories) (b) shortcuts (web 2.0 apps)?
  • How to manage a needed degree of (creative) anarchy within the institution with the need to correctly assess to get your degree?
  • Is it impossible/too hard to reinvent the educational institutions as the web 2.0 seems to be asking for?
  • Will the University get sidelined by other institutions?
  • What happens to quality of content? and quality in the use/application of content?
  • Is there a place for some kind of clearing house services to intermediate between individuals and institutions and the different ways to store their data?

Bazaar Seminar (2006)

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